Clan War Rules

What is a Clan War?

A clan war is a match between 2 teams in a 4vs4 format. 4 players from the same clan team up and face 4 other players for a defined set of races. Teaming up allows a lot of interesting strategies and greatly reduces the amount of RNG. Clan wars have been really popular in the Mario Kart’s competitive scene since 2008, and they have been proved to be the most advanced way to compete in a kart racer. Since CTRNF is a very demanding kart racer, we think this format would fit the game really well. Clans may also participate in other formats like 2vs2, 3vs3 or duos. (2vs2vs2vs2)

I. Match Structure
  • a. A clan war consists of 10 races. (8 races for duos)
  • b. Free choice of vehicles, characters, and controllers.
  • c. Players must not use banned shortcuts or glitches. This includes respawn glitches, lap skipping and banned skips. Any banned shortcut performed is -50 points for the player’s team. (proof needed)
  • Banned shortcuts are:
  • Papu’s Pyramid SC : Link
  • Oxide Station SC : Link
  • Thunderstruck SC 1 : Link
  • Thunderstruck SC 2 : Link
  • d. Players must not use any form of hacking or other exploitation. Should a player hack, his team will receive a -50 points penalty. (proof needed)
II. Scoring
  • a. For each race, points will be attributed this way:
    • ♦ First: 10 pts
    • ♦ Second: 8 pts
    • ♦ Third: 6 pts
    • ♦ Fourth: 5 pts
    • ♦ Fifth: 4 pts
    • ♦ Sixth: 3 pts
    • ♦ Seventh: 2 pts
    • ♦ Eighth: 1 pt
  • b. A player’s total score will be the total points they scored in 10 races.
  • c. Players who disconnect will receive +1 point per race missed.
  • d. A clan’s total score will be the total points its players scored in 10 races.
III. Match Execution
  • a. Clans must decide of a host with a decent connection. Once they have agreed and shared the host’s PSN ID, all the players must add the host by sending them a friend request on the PSN.
  • b. For classic formats, both clans must pick 5 tracks before the match starts, the clan who isn’t hosting the room chooses first (Clan A). Once all 10 tracks have been listed, the host from Clan B needs to select them in the following order:
    • Track 1 (Clan A)
    • Track 1 (Clan B)
    • Track 2 (Clan A)
    • Track 2 (Clan B)
    • Etc…
  • c. For duos, all clans must pick 2 tracks before the match starts. Once all 8 tracks have been listed, the host needs to select them in the following order:
    • Track 1 (Clan A)
    • Track 2 (Clan A)
    • Track 1 (Clan B)
    • Track 2 (Clan B)
    • Track 1 (Clan C)
    • Etc…
  • d. Once back in the lobby, the host must wait 30 seconds before starting the next race so players can change their character.
  • e. When everybody has been added by the host, the host may open the room after announcing it.
  • f. Once the room is full, the host may start the first race by selecting the first track.
  • g. The host must select the races given to him in the correct order. All tracks consist of 3 laps, and CPU must be disabled by the host.
  • h. Any mistake made by the host will automatically cancel the race. The host will also receive a 10 points penalty for every mistake he made, starting from the second one
IV. Results
  • a. Hosts are responsible for taking screenshots of the room’s races (all of them) results and making the results table. We recommend you to use our default table.Link : Click me for download and How-To
  • b. Tables may be posted on your clan’s thread on the forums.
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