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* Time Trial Categories: Unrestricted (UR) and No Major Glitches (NMG)
2021-11-28Ring RallyClockwork WumpaJS1,529,389
2021-11-28Time Trial [UR] - LAPRoo's TubesKomodoSphinx20.12
2021-11-28Time Trial [UR] - COURSERoo's TubesKomodoSphinx1:03.59
2021-11-28Time Trial [UR] - LAPCoco ParkLiterallyGod18.51
2021-11-28Time Trial [UR] - COURSEThunder StruckMissDaemon1:37.89
2021-11-28Time Trial [NMG] - LAPDrive-Thru DangerMegumi Bandicoot32.96
2021-11-28Time Trial [NMG] - LAPN.Gin LabsMegumi Bandicoot41.57
2021-11-28Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEAssembly LaneMegumi Bandicoot2:19.17
2021-11-28Time Trial [NMG] - LAPOxide StationBoysies51.78
2021-11-28Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEOxide StationBoysies2:43.03
2021-11-27Time Trial [NMG] - COURSENina's NightmareTugo1:39.66
2021-11-27Time Trial [UR] - LAPCrash Covekvvrmv24.62
2021-11-27Time Trial [UR] - COURSECrash Covekvvrmv1:17.17
2021-11-27Ring RallyHot Air SkywayJS2,468,743
2021-11-27Time Trial [NMG] - LAPN.Gin LabsBoysies42.94
2021-11-27Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEN.Gin LabsBoysies2:11.50
2021-11-26Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEDrive-Thru DangerTheShy1:42.16
2021-11-26Time Trial [NMG] - LAPTurbo TrackSantiago28.66
2021-11-26Time Trial [NMG] - COURSETurbo TrackSantiago1:27.55
2021-11-26Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEMegamix ManiaBoysies2:02.75
2021-11-26Time Trial [NMG] - LAPHyper SpacewayBakon32.36
2021-11-26Time Trial [UR] - COURSEHyper SpacewayBakon1:42.93
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEBarin RuinsAlexiz1:39.63
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - LAPSewer SpeedwayAscension-Hamod34.96
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSESewer SpeedwayAscension-Hamod1:47.40
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - LAPBarin RuinsColonel Hay32.63
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEBarin RuinsColonel Hay1:39.90
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - LAPDeep Sea DrivingColonel Hay30.02
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEDeep Sea DrivingColonel Hay1:33.42
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - LAPHot Air SkywayColonel Hay38.73
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEGingerbread JoyrideColonel Hay1:48.47
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - LAPSpyro CircuitColonel Hay41.87
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSESpyro CircuitColonel Hay2:07.59
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - LAPHyper SpacewayColonel Hay32.36
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEN.Gin LabsColonel Hay2:08.19
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSETiny ArenaColonel Hay2:47.81
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSESewer SpeedwayColonel Hay1:41.70
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - LAPBarin RuinsBoysies33.76
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEBarin RuinsBoysies1:43.23
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - LAPTwilight TourBoysies41.44
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSETwilight TourBoysies2:13.33
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - LAPJungle BoogieBoysies23.92
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEJungle BoogieBoysies1:14.20
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSECrash CoveBoysies1:19.41
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - LAPDragon MinesBoysies25.19
2021-11-25Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEDragon MinesBoysies1:18.64
2021-11-24Time Trial [NMG] - COURSENina's NightmareBoysies1:47.44
2021-11-24Ring RallyOxide StationJS1,627,085
2021-11-24Time Trial [NMG] - COURSENina's NightmareTheShy1:39.93
2021-11-24Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEKoala CarnivalInstilledBee1:39.63
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