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* Time Trial Categories: Unrestricted (UR) and No Major Glitches (NMG)
2021-05-07Time Trial [NMG] - LAPMystery CavesToben37.37
2021-05-07Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEMystery CavesToben1:53.41
2021-05-07Crystal ChallengeFrozen FrenzyFhoons33.44
2021-05-07Time Trial [UR] - COURSEDingo CanyonKeronari1:16.47
2021-05-07Time Trial [UR] - LAPThunder StruckVoltage27.89
2021-05-07Time Trial [NMG] - LAPAndroid AlleyRazzaq90s48.24
2021-05-07Time Trial [UR] - COURSEDingo Canyonbroz1:16.54
2021-05-06Time Trial [UR] - COURSEMegamix ManiaNunisberto1:50.67
2021-05-06Time Trial [UR] - LAPMeteor GorgeOfficialPepi24.95
2021-05-06Time Trial [UR] - COURSEMeteor GorgeOfficialPepi1:16.71
2021-05-06Crystal ChallengeRocky RoadGSC Majin32.81
2021-05-06Crystal ChallengeRampage RuinsGSC Majin37.65
2021-05-06Crystal ChallengeNorth BowlGSC Majin36.91
2021-05-06Time Trial [NMG] - LAPMystery CavesFedorazerty37.77
2021-05-06Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEMystery CavesFedorazerty1:54.88
2021-05-06Time Trial [UR] - LAPThunder StruckVoltage27.99
2021-05-06Time Trial [UR] - COURSEThunder StruckVoltage1:35.72
2021-05-06Time Trial [UR] - LAPElectron Avenuebroz53.65
2021-05-06Time Trial [UR] - COURSEElectron Avenuebroz2:43.38
2021-05-06Time Trial [NMG] - LAPCrash CoveHelad25.32
2021-05-06Time Trial [NMG] - COURSECrash CoveHelad1:18.54
2021-05-05Time Trial [NMG] - COURSETiger TempleJasu1:23.14
2021-05-05Time Trial [NMG] - LAPTiger TempleJasu26.29
2021-05-05Time Trial [NMG] - LAPGingerbread JoyrideSajumi35.30
2021-05-05Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEGingerbread JoyrideSajumi1:48.60
2021-05-05Time Trial [NMG] - LAPCortex CastleHenks32.36
2021-05-05Time Trial [NMG] - COURSECortex CastleHenks1:45.94
2021-05-05Time Trial [NMG] - LAPPrehistoric PlaygroundKomandan-akash44.31
2021-05-05Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEDrive-Thru DangerMushroomKnob1:44.13
2021-05-05Crystal ChallengeSkull RockGSC Majin28.33
2021-05-05Crystal ChallengeTemple TurmoilGSC Majin33.61
2021-05-05Crystal ChallengeLab BasementGSC Majin27.80
2021-05-05Time Trial [NMG] - LAPCortex CastleAntGTone31.99
2021-05-05Time Trial [NMG] - COURSECortex CastleAntGTone1:45.54
2021-05-04Time Trial [NMG] - LAPDragon MinesNeko23.52
2021-05-04Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEDragon MinesNeko1:13.24
2021-05-04Time Trial [NMG] - LAPClockwork WumpaxKarma733.66
2021-05-04Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEClockwork WumpaxKarma71:47.84
2021-05-04Time Trial [UR] - LAPCoco ParkLiterallyGod19.01
2021-05-04Time Trial [UR] - COURSECoco ParkLiterallyGod59.92
2021-05-04Time Trial [UR] - COURSECoco ParkLiterallyGod1:00.26
2021-05-04Time Trial [UR] - COURSECoco ParkLiterallyGod1:00.29
2021-05-04Time Trial [UR] - COURSECoco ParkLiterallyGod1:00.56
2021-05-04Time Trial [UR] - COURSECoco ParkLiterallyGod1:00.72
2021-05-04Time Trial [UR] - COURSECoco ParkLiterallyGod1:01.02
2021-05-04Time Trial [UR] - COURSECoco ParkLiterallyGod1:01.22
2021-05-04Time Trial [UR] - COURSECoco ParkLiterallyGod1:01.32
2021-05-04Time Trial [UR] - COURSECoco ParkLiterallyGod1:02.26
2021-05-04Time Trial [UR] - COURSECoco ParkLiterallyGod1:03.43
2021-05-04Time Trial [NMG] - LAPInferno IslandilPocket30.29
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