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* Time Trial Categories: Unrestricted (UR) and No Major Glitches (NMG)
2023-03-22Time Trial [UR] - LAPTurbo TrackTugo24.99
2023-03-22Time Trial [UR] - COURSETurbo TrackTugo1:19.61
2023-03-22Time Trial [NMG] - LAPSlide ColiseumTugo29.19
2023-03-22Time Trial [NMG] - COURSESlide ColiseumTugo1:32.09
2023-03-22Crystal ChallengeRampage RuinsMinimariner41.15
2023-03-22Time Trial [NMG] - LAPClockwork WumpaBoysie34.33
2023-03-22Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEClockwork WumpaBoysie1:49.57
2023-03-22Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEBarin Ruinsho-ho-4441:39.38
2023-03-22Time Trial [NMG] - COURSENina's Nightmareho-ho-4441:39.29
2023-03-22Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEMegamix Maniaho-ho-4441:59.32
2023-03-22Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEHot Air Skywayho-ho-4442:00.55
2023-03-22Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEOxide Stationho-ho-4442:34.75
2023-03-21Time Trial [NMG] - COURSETurbo TrackPermafrost1:26.68
2023-03-21Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEN.Gin LabsPermafrost2:08.26
2023-03-21Crystal ChallengeLab BasementMinimariner29.64
2023-03-21Time Trial [NMG] - LAPClockwork WumpaBoysie34.36
2023-03-21Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEClockwork WumpaBoysie1:49.88
2023-03-21Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEPrehistoric PlaygroundMFR_Georgy1242:16.10
2023-03-20Time Trial [UR] - LAPHot Air SkywayJecux38.37
2023-03-20Time Trial [UR] - COURSEHot Air SkywayJecux1:59.55
2023-03-20Crystal ChallengeRocky RoadMinimariner37.01
2023-03-19Time Trial [NMG] - COURSETurbo TrackJecux1:25.92
2023-03-19Crystal ChallengeParking LotMinimariner44.75
2023-03-18Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEN.Gin LabsSajumi2:07.52
2023-03-18Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEBarin RuinsKITSUNCO1:39.93
2023-03-18Time Trial [NMG] - LAPBarin RuinsKITSUNCO32.66
2023-03-18Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEDragon MinesPermafrost1:13.17
2023-03-18Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEMeteor GorgeLuskas1:20.08
2023-03-18Crystal ChallengeNitro CourtMinimariner54.79
2023-03-18Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEPrehistoric PlaygroundMFR_Georgy1242:16.16
2023-03-18Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEN.Gin Labseräjorma555552:07.49
2023-03-17Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEClockwork WumpaBoysie1:50.24
2023-03-17Time Trial [NMG] - LAPClockwork WumpaBoysie34.50
2023-03-17Time Trial [NMG] - LAPAssembly LaneBoysie45.77
2023-03-17Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEAssembly LaneBoysie2:21.67
2023-03-17Crystal ChallengeSkull RockMinimariner32.74
2023-03-17Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEMeteor GorgeLuskas1:20.14
2023-03-16Time Trial [UR] - COURSERoo's TubesSharooxBando53.31
2023-03-15Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEPrehistoric PlaygroundMFR_Georgy1242:16.20
2023-03-15Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEMeteor GorgeLuskas1:20.24
2023-03-14Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEClockwork WumpaBryan1:51.67
2023-03-14Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEBarin RuinsBoysie1:40.30
2023-03-14Time Trial [NMG] - LAPBarin RuinsBoysie32.80
2023-03-13Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEMeteor GorgeLuskas1:20.34
2023-03-13Time Trial [UR] - LAPRoo's TubesTugo18.08
2023-03-13Time Trial [UR] - COURSERoo's TubesTugo59.52
2023-03-13Time Trial [NMG] - LAPSewer SpeedwayTugo33.40
2023-03-13Time Trial [NMG] - COURSESewer SpeedwayTugo1:42.30
2023-03-13Time Trial [NMG] - LAPMystery CavesTugo37.30
2023-03-13Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEMystery CavesTugo1:53.14
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