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* Time Trial Categories: Unrestricted (UR) and No Major Glitches (NMG)
2021-09-21Time Trial [NMG] - LAPBlizzard Bluffbroz21.62
2021-09-21Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEBlizzard Bluffbroz1:07.09
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - LAPPrehistoric PlaygroundCorza44.61
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEPrehistoric PlaygroundCorza2:16.33
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - LAPMeteor GorgeCorza26.35
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEMeteor GorgeCorza1:20.68
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEDragon MinesSousaX1:17.14
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - LAPPrehistoric PlaygroundColonel Hay44.57
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - LAPClockwork WumpaColonel Hay34.20
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEClockwork WumpaColonel Hay1:49.27
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - LAPElectron AvenueColonel Hay58.12
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - LAPRoo's TubesColonel Hay23.38
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - COURSERoo's TubesColonel Hay1:13.57
2021-09-20Time Trial [UR] - LAPKoala CarnivalColonel Hay27.26
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - COURSESpyro CircuitColonel Hay2:07.93
2021-09-20Time Trial [UR] - LAPPrehistoric PlaygroundColonel Hay42.74
2021-09-20Time Trial [UR] - COURSEPrehistoric PlaygroundColonel Hay2:13.00
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - LAPAssembly LaneColonel Hay45.37
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEAssembly LaneColonel Hay2:20.37
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - LAPOut of TimeColonel Hay32.46
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEOut of TimeColonel Hay1:45.14
2021-09-20Time Trial [UR] - LAPBarin RuinsColonel Hay32.49
2021-09-20Time Trial [UR] - COURSEBarin RuinsColonel Hay1:39.60
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEPapu's PyramidColonel Hay1:19.68
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - COURSESlide ColiseumColonel Hay1:32.06
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - LAPOut of TimeMetalex9633.69
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - LAPBlizzard BluffColonel Hay21.42
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - LAPBlizzard BluffMartín21.42
2021-09-20Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEBlizzard BluffMartín1:06.63
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - COURSESewer SpeedwayNaor1:40.83
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - LAPRoo's TubesBS_Tam24.19
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - COURSERoo's TubesBS_Tam1:13.90
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - LAPClockwork WumpaBS_Tam34.76
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEClockwork WumpaBS_Tam1:50.51
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - LAPAssembly LaneBS_Tam46.17
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEAssembly LaneBS_Tam2:22.37
2021-09-19Relic RaceGingerbread JoyrideNicolas31.74
2021-09-19Relic RaceDragon MinesNicolas26.78
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - LAPTwilight TourBS_Tam40.00
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - COURSETwilight TourBS_Tam2:08.76
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - LAPJungle BoogieBS_Tam23.25
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEJungle BoogieBS_Tam1:11.64
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - LAPInferno IslandBS_Tam29.89
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEInferno IslandBS_Tam1:31.82
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - LAPCrash CoveBS_Tam25.09
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - COURSECrash CoveBS_Tam1:17.87
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - LAPCoco ParkBS_Tam24.09
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - COURSECoco ParkBS_Tam1:15.37
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - LAPDragon MinesBS_Tam24.52
2021-09-19Time Trial [NMG] - COURSEDragon MinesBS_Tam1:15.73
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