The No Major Glitches Ruleset

Since late July (2020), there has been a discussion of adding a second category to Time Trials in Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled. It took a while, but we feel this is a reasonable solution.

The recently discovered set of tech commonly known as 'polswid', ‘hacka’, 'broz', 'snowballing', and 'skating' have changed how the game is played. Speed ghosts have also become much stronger. This changes how many tracks are played. To allow players more choice in how they play, we’ve created the No Major Glitches ruleset.

With that out of the way, here is what IS BANNED in the No Major Glitches category.

Unintended Shortcuts

Generally any shortcuts with Ring Rally rings, Relic Race boxes, or shortcuts on the path taken by any of the in-game ghosts are considered intended, and thus allowed. If you have any questions about this feel free to ask in the discord.

Besides these, there are shortcuts in this game that are understood as unintended. Below is a list of every shortcut that is not allowed as of writing.

Although the following shortcuts may not have been intended, it was decided that banning these would cause more problems than it would solve.

The shortcuts listed below ARE ALLOWED in the No Major Glitches format.


A speedghost is the act of gaining a speed boost by losing reserves to go faster. Below is a list of tracks with known speedghosts. These speedghosts are BANNED in the No Major Glitches category. It should also be noted that speedghosts that do not use Polswid tech are banned too. You are also not allowed to carry a speedghost from one lap in to another.

There are a handful of speed ghosts we felt should not be banned. This is because they are either minimal in terms of time save, caused by frame hopping, or in a spot where it can be hard to avoid a wall. Below is a list of speed ghosts that ARE ALLOWED.

Note that any new speed ghosts will allowed or not based on an individual basis.

Pad Chaining

Pad chaining is the act of hitting many pads in succession or hitting pads in a speed ghost to reach speeds that would otherwise not be possible. Below is a list of tracks that have pad chaining BANNED.

Wall Boosting

A wall push is when you scale a wall in such a way that gives you a large amount of speed. Below is a list of tracks with wall boosts:

On the other hand, there are a handful of tech that while may not intended, are not banned in the NMG category.

Offroad Start Lap Speedghosts

These are boosts obtained on lap 1 that look like speedghosts since they are at the start of lap 1. However, the way these speedghosts are obtained are directly because of offroad, making them allowed in No Major Glitches. Below are the two speedghosts ALLOWED:

Offroad Polswid Cuts

While we tried to eliminate polswid as much as possible, we felt the offroad cuts that use polswid AND retain fire will not be banned. The reason being is that polswid on offroad with fire is not 100% detectable. As much as we know that it isn’t intended, it would be impossible to enforce. Below are some examples of places where polswid ARE ALLOWED in No Major Glitches. However as a general guideline, polswid is allowed as long as you don't purposely lose reserves to go faster.

Small Wall Boosts

These are boosts received when jumping at curved portions of a wall to get a small speed boost. These boosts don’t lose fire, and can be difficult to detect 100% of the time. These boosts ARE ALLOWED in the No Major Glitches category

Unintended 150 and 250 Fire Jumps

There are a few places in this game where you can grind an edge to get a higher landing boost and faster fire level than without it. While not intended, we felt that the time saved from these tricks especially compared to others tech that are banned is minimal. Thus, 150+ fire jumps ARE ALLOWED

Pad Skips

This IS ALLOWED in the No Major Glitches category

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