Submission Rules


Proof / Acceptable Play Policy

We believe that in order to maintain a fair competitive environment, we must establish rules regarding proof requirements and quality standards. Outlined below are those policies.

All changes to these rules will be changed on this page, and logged in a thread. (Thread is not active yet)

When do I have to provide proof?

  • Proof is required for all times submitted.
  • Proof can be called on for any submission for any reason.
  • We will attempt to contact you via the Email you provide unless we can find a way to contact you otherwise.(Discord etc.) We will also make a public post on a forum thread. 
  • Failure to submit proper proof will result in that time being removed.
  • In a “first to achieve” conflict, the first to provide proof will receive the credit.
  • To be credited with a certain date, you must provide a timestamp.
  • Posting an old patch time after the patch has been released will have to be accompanied with a message stating you did it. We will support this via the submissions pages in the near future.

What is the minimum acceptable quality?

We will ask these questions when we review a proof:

  • Can we see the FULL screen?
  • How much does the screen fill the image?
  • How clear is the image?
  • Is it difficult to read the numbers on the screen?

If it is considerably worse than this example video, moderators can choose to strike the proof.

  • The entire length of the run must be shown at least from before the first start light lights up, until the time is shown in your best times page.
  • In the case that you accidentally post a proof that does not meet our standards, you may be excused by moderators if the time is not a high-ranking score. This rule is mainly applied for lower-ranked competitors.


  • Using a modified game console that in any way alters gameplay.
  • Using modified software for gameplay.
  • Using any cheating tools.
  • Posting runs played on an emulator.
  • Posting tool assisted speedruns of any kind as your real time.
  • Using modified ghost data for any purpose.
  • Splicing.
  • Using turbo controllers or equivalent.
  • Any other means of gaining an unfair advantage.

What can get me banned?

  • Breaking any of the rules in the “Cheating” category are met with threat of a ban.
  • Stealing someone else’s time/proof.
  • Repeated posting of fake/unrelated videos as proof.
  • If you wish to post a “joke proof” (for April fools etc) please contact a mod before hand.
  • Extreme violations of forum rules, while they may be seen as “unrelated” to competing CTR, can be grounds for a ban from posting if deemed extreme enough.
  • Manipulating the website to gain an advantage, such as avoiding mandatory proof fields on submission page.

Any noticed malicious hacking attempt will be met with a permanent ban from the entire site.

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