CTR:NF Submission Rules & Site Use Policy

Table of Contents

  1. Track Breakdown
  2. Changelog

1. Site & Upload Policy

We believe that in order to maintain a fair competitive environment, we must establish rules regarding proof requirements and quality standards. Outlined below are those policies.
All changes to these rules will be changed on this page, and logged in a thread (See Attachment B: Changelog).

1.1 Proof

  • Proof is required for all times submitted.
  • Proof can be called on for any submission for any reason. We will attempt to contact you via the Email you provide unless we can find a way to contact you otherwise(Discord etc.).
  • Failure to submit proper proof will result in that time being removed.
  • In a “first to achieve” conflict, the first to provide proof will receive the credit.
  • To be credited with a certain date, you must provide a timestamp.
  • Old patch times may only be submitted if there is a valid reason as to why you were not able to submit it in the old patch. It will be dated back, and it will be flagged as old patch time.

1.2 Minimum Acceptable Quality

We will ask these questions when we review a proof:

The entire length of the run must be shown at least from before the first start light lights up, until the time is shown in your best times page.
In the case that you accidentally post a proof that does not meet our standards, you may be excused by moderators if the time is not a high-ranking score. This rule is mainly applied for lower-ranked competitors.

1.3 Cheating

Note: These rules define the cheating on its own. To see what is allowed in each category and what isn't in terms of gameplay, please refer to Section 2 (Rules) of this page.

The following actions are considered cheating and will be punished accordingly:

  • Using a modified game console that in any way alters gameplay.
  • Using modified software for gameplay.
  • Using any cheating tools.
  • Posting tool assisted speedruns (TAS) of any kind as your real time.
  • Posting runs played on an emulator (we are currently evaluating this).
  • Using modified ghost data for any purpose.
  • Splicing.
  • Using turbo controllers or equivalent.
  • Any other means of gaining an unfair advantage.

2. Rules

In this section, all rules for all categories are specified. There are some general rules however that count for all categories unless specified otherwise:

  • Lap skips are forbidden. A lap skip is any kind of action that skips a required checkpoint (See Checkpoint maps for reference).
  • In-game cheats are forbidden. There are two exceptions:
    • Unlocking Penta Penguin.
    • Using Bomb Cheat so times do not get saved into the leaderboard.
  • Pause buffering is forbidden. If you need to pause, do it on a straight or somewhere where Polswid can't be used.

Breaking any of these rules will lead to the deletion of your submitted time.

Note that for all rankings, Retro Stadium allows submissions, but will not count towards any rankings.
For more information regarding page rankings, visit our Detailed Rankings Info page.

2.1 Time Trial

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limitations in decision making, and in favor of a simple and well defined ruleset, the old Standard category can not exist in that form any longer. We have now reworked it into what you can see in this ruleset.

2.1.1 Unrestricted

Anything goes. As long as you do not break the base rules mentioned above, you're good to go!

2.1.2 No major glitches

This category is still a WIP, so rules might change here still!

The following techs are banned for No major glitches submissions:

  • Any Speedghost that requires you to go off the optimal line (e.g. Electron Avenue) and/or to lose fire.
    • Speedghosts in Lap 1 like Hyper Spaceway/Nina's Nightmare that are immediately after the start and can be triggered by simply letting the reserves run dry are allowed.
    • We added a full list covering all tracks and their allowed/disallowed techs in Attachment A (Track Breakdown).
  • Any kind of unintended shortcuts (Nyxx cuts, Pancho cut...).
  • Polswid tech

2.1.3 Old Patches

In order to keep leaderboard integrity high, any submissions that uses tech which has been patched out or ruled out later on will be marked as an "Old Patch" submission.
These will stay in the leaderboard for historical reasons (e.g. WR page with date search and WR history), but they will not appear on the current up-to-date leaderboards and they will not count towards any ranking.

You can not submit times for Old Patches unless you missed a patch or rule update and have a valid reason as to why you have not uploaded that time yet.
Please note that "I didn't want to upload it yet" is not a valid reason.

2.2 Relic Race

Relic Race follows the core ruleset of 2.1.1 Standard.

If you end up getting a negative time (sub 10 seconds with all crates collected), you can calculate your time by subtracting your final, non-bonus time from 10.00

  • Example: A time of 3.63 will result in a negative time of -6.37, as 10.00 - 3.63 = 6.37
  • Please do not submit the time displayed on screen! Use a calculator if needed.

2.3 Super Turbo Pad

Super Turbo Pad follows the core ruleset of 2.1.1 Standard.
On top of that, these rules apply:

  • You are explicitly allowed to use the Super Turbo Pad cheat code! Any other cheat code (especially using masks) is still forbidden.
    These are the cheat codes for each console (enter them in the main menu):
    • PS4: Hold L1 + R1 and enter: Triangle, Right, Right, Circle, Left
    • XBO: Hold LB + RB and enter: Y, Right, Right, B, Left
    • Switch: Hold L + R and enter: X, Right, Right, A, Left
  • The following tracks are excluded from Super Turbo Pad due to them not being significantly different:
    • Turbo Track/Retro Stadium
    • Slide Coliseum
    • Out of Time
    • Clockwork Wumpa
    • Deep Sea Driving
    • Hyper Spaceway
    • Drive-Thru Danger
  • You may resubmit any Standard time as STP time as well.

2.4 Ring Rally

Ring Rally follows the core ruleset of 2.1.1 Standard.

Due to the length of some tracks in Ring Rally (e.g. Papu's Pyramid), only the last 15 minutes are required to be uploaded.
If you wish to submit your entire run, you are allowed to splice the parts of that specific run by using pauses every ~10-15 minutes. When submitting a full run splice, you are not allowed to unpause in between two parts (which means: Your position, score and time must remain the same between two parts of the splice).

3. Moderation

We have a team of moderators and tools to manage submissions. However, due to the amount of submissions, we can't always check every single submission.
That's why it's going to be a community effort to keep the leaderboard clean. To achieve this, we would like to ask you to help us out by reporting offenses.

3.1 Reporting

If you accidentally made an error in your submission, do not worry. We do not punish anyone for making mistakes.
You can report your error using the following methods:

  • Fill out the form in our Discord server (Channel #submission-mistakes).
  • File a Support Ticket and select your submission that needs to be changed or deleted.

If you spotted a submission that violates the rules, you can report it to us using the following methods:

  • Fill out the form in our Discord server (Channel #submission-mistakes).
  • Post a message to our Discord to reach out to the mods (Channel #support).
  • File a Support Ticket and tell us which submission violates the rules.

3.2 Light Offenses

The following actions count as light offenses:

  • Submitting an invalid time according to Section 2 (Rules).
  • Repeatedly posting wrong submissions.
  • False reporting of valid submissions.

3.3 Heavy Offenses

The following actions count as heavy offenses:

  • Breaking any of the rules in the Cheating category.
  • Stealing someone else's time/proof.
  • Repeatedly breaking category/submission rules of Section 2 (Rules).
  • Repeated posting of fake/unrelated videos as proof.2
  • Offensive behaviour (e.g. abusing video title names/descriptions for insults, hate speech, racism etc.).
  • Manipulating/Hacking the website to gain an advantage, such as avoiding mandatory proof fields on submission page.

2: If you wish to post a “joke proof” (for April fools etc) please contact a mod beforehand.

3.4 Punishments

Light offenses will be punished as follows3 (depending on severity and actual offense):

  • Warning by moderation staff
  • Deletion of submission(s)
  • Short-time submission ban (up to 7 days)

Heavy offenses will be punished as follows (depending on severity and actual offense):

  • Deletion of submission(s)
  • Long-time account ban up to 3 months
  • Discord server ban
  • Ultimately: Permanent ban from the website, deletion of your user account access

Any noticed malicious hacking attempt will be met with a permanent ban from the entire site immediately.

3: Repeating light offenses or ignoring warnings may result in heavy offenses and according punishments.

A. Track Breakdown

This is a breakdown of all tracks for the 2.1.2 No major Glitches category

Crash Cove

Wall-riding on the bridge to get a 150 jump boost is not allowed.

Mystery Caves

A potential Speedghost on the downhill after the second turtle set is not allowed.

Sewer Speedway

The "Speedghost" after the first barrel is allowed.
Any other potential Speedghost (e.g. losing fire from a halfpipe) is not allowed unless reserves can be preserved.

Roo's Tubes

Both major Speedghosts are not allowed.

Coco Park

Wall-riding on the first wall right after the finish line is not allowed.
Another theorized shortcut on the last turn where you could jump over the rock is not allowed.

Papu's Pyramid

A potential Speedghost on the last downhill is not allowed.

Dingo Canyon

A potential Speedghost/shortcut on the downhill before the water is not allowed.

Slide Coliseum

Getting a 150 jump boost is not allowed.

Dragon Mines

A potential Speedghost on the first downhill is not allowed except in SL if it can be pulled off.

Hot Air Skyway

The jumpghost over the last turbo ramp is allowed. All corner and cloud cuts are allowed. A theorized speedghost on the spiral is allowed.

N. Gin Labs

A skip over the final corner which is currently only possible in STP is not allowed. (It is allowed in STP though)

Jungle Boogie

A potential Speedghost in the shortcut before the finish line is not allowed.

Clockwork Wumpa

Getting a 150 jump boost at the ramp before the gears is not allowed.
Pipe bounce/respawn are not allowed.

Assembly Lane

Bounce in the edge of the first shortcut to get a 150 jump boost is not allowed.

Android Alley

The Speedghost in the tunnel is allowed as long as fire is preserved.

Electron Avenue

Speedghosts are not allowed. The cut before the electric fence that skips the ramp is not allowed. You must use the ramp.

Thunder Struck

Both Nyxx Cut and Nyxx bounce are not allowed.
Timppa Cut is allowed.

Tiny Temple

The Speedghost on the downhill before the activation crate is not allowed.

Barin Ruins

A potential Speedghost on the drop down before the activation crate is not allowed.

Meteor Gorge

Pancho Cut is not allowed.

Out of Time

A potential Speedghost before the blue fire pad is not allowed.

Hyper Spaceway

The speedghost at the start of the track is allowed in Lap 1 if is only using the ramp (not the wall).

Twilight Tour

A potential Speedghost before the first tunnel is not allowed.

Prehistoric Playground

A Speedghost after the final ramp (that can be extended to the first blue fire pad) is not allowed.

Spyro Circuit

A potential Speedghost before the second portal is not allowed.

Nina's Nightmare

The Speedghost after the finish line is allowed as they are on the optimal line and hard to avoid.

Koala Carnival

The Speedghost on the starting ramp is allowed if you stay on the ramp.
However, it is not allowed to use the scenery for the Speedghost.

Megamix Mania

The Speedghost at the big dropdown is not allowed.

Drive-Thru Danger

RedHot Bounce is not allowed.
A potential Speedghost before the last shortcut is not allowed.

Other tracks

All other tracks that are not listed here are unaffected. They will have Glitchless leaderboards, but they won't be different from Standard leaderboards as of now.

B. Changelog

9th of August 2020

  • Reworked Rule page
  • Added sections 2, 3, A and B
  • Changed forum ruling in 1.4 to offensive behaviour in submissions
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