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It’s been a while since the last patch… My new job and the upcoming uni exams have been keeping me very busy recently. But alas, here we are, with a big update patch!

We’ve decided to call this update a major one, as there has been quite a big overhaul in the ruleset. There isn’t much technical change in this update cycle, but the rule change alone justifies a major update.

Rule changes

That being said, here’s a small TL;DR of the rule (page) changes:

  • Standard now allows everything: Every skip, every tech, every speed ghost. All current times will remain in Standard.
  • We introduced a new category “Glitchless” which bans all of the above mentioned. We will not accept requests to move times to
  • Glitchless times will automatically count to Standard as well, so there’s no need to double submit. Glitchless times will not get their own rankings (Total Time, SR:PR etc.), though.
  • All TT pages (Submission, WR, History, Leaderboards) have been changed accordingly
  • The rule page has a completely new look now, including quick links
  • All submission pages now have a small TL;DR section and a link to the main rule page

Best make sure to head to the rules page to read the changes that have been made!

Standards/Tiers & Emulators

Due to the recently changed Standard category, we will have to rework quite a few of the tiers. Sadly, this means that the project will be delayed again.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but an up-to-date leaderboard is more important to us than the tiers right now.

On top of that, we would like to tell you that Emulators will remain banned from the leaderboards for now. You may of course share videos in our Discord server.
This decision has been made as we still do not entirely know what effects the emulator might have on the game. As of now, Emulators (especially when ran on 60fps) provide an unfair advantage to those who use them (e.g. cycle changes).
However, with the introduction of categories, we might discuss the addition of a seperate Emulator category for TT specifically that will be split from the leaderboards entirely, and not count towards standards like Glitchless does.

We would love to hear your feedback on that decision as well, so make sure to head to the #suggestions channel on our Discord to let us know what you think of that idea.

Added Rankings for other gamemodes

Remember how we mentioned that Rankings are going to be available for other modes as well?

Well, here they are, so enjoy!

Bugfixes & Miscellaneous

  • World Record History should function properly now and be consistent in its output. Begone, randomness! (Yes, I’m looking at you, Nina’s Nightmare!)
  • Some checkpoint maps have been updated. Other maps are still in the making.


The next main project will most likely be a new landing page. It will be panel based, probably supported by Bootstrap. Following Panels/Sections will be included:

  • A most recent submission section
  • A most recent WR’s section with the most recent WR for each main category
  • A quick link section to the most important sites
  • Site Stats
  • And many more things, feel free to suggest things!

The Tier system sadly has to wait, as mentioned above, and as of now, other things are being discussed.
We also hope to bring more game atlas pages soon. If you have guides or game stats that you’d like to provide, feel free to contact us! One page we’ll be working on soon is Fire stats based on this video:

Technical Analysis of Fire Speeds in CTR:NF by Mario

New features will come, but as mentioned, personal life keeps us all busy.

That being said, thank you very much for reading, and stay tuned for the Tier system update. We hope that we can manage to bring it out sooner rather than later.

Until then, stay safe and healthy!

CrashTeamRanking Developer

Hello! It’s time for another update, and once again it’s a rather big update with a feature that people have been waiting for. So let’s jump right into it!

Player Matchups

Yes, it’s finally here! You can now compare yourself with everyone else!

Head to Time Trial -> Matchup to start to compare two players to each other. This feature is for Time Trial only for the time being, but it may get added for other modes as well in the future.

You can compare the different rankings, as well as the score for each individual track. The two players are split in “Home” player and “Guest” player to make comparisons easier. The Delta is the time difference between the two players that are shown, and it’s color coded for easier overall comparison.

This tool should help you to compare yourself on a personal level. Maybe you’ll start a small war against one of your friends? Or are you comparing yourself to your idol to see how much you still have to improve? Everything’s possible!

As usual, if you find any bugs or have further ideas, let us know in our Discord server!

More Game Information

Thanks to Discord user Excessiveiser, we can offer a new page which contains a gallery of all checkpoints on all tracks!

Checkpoint map gallery

With this page in place, we decided to move all game information to it’s own subtab. Check them out in Info -> Game Atlas -> Checkpoints.

We plan to add more maps in the future, such as Relic box positions, Ring Rally ring positions etc.


  • Website Security Update: We’ve increased the website security behind the scenes. You shouldn’t notice any changes, but we can’t always check everything, so for this one it’s especially important that you let us know if anything broke!
  • Competitive Tab: The Competitive Tab has been moved from Info to Misc. since it’s mainly handled by other Discord servers. Speaking of, the Misc. tab has been reordered a little.
  • “Submissions” renamed: Nothing major, but having “Submit Time/Score” instead of “Submissions” should make it more clear what that menu option is for.
  • Small Bugfixes: Splat!


With this feature being done, most main features are finally functional. However, there’s still more to come:

  • Update 1.8.1 will focus on adding rankings for the other gamemodes, as well as bringing more Game Atlas pages, as mentioned above.
  • The Tier update is still in the making, but we’re slowly making progress on that one. Please remain patient.
  • Another update that’s overdue will be a Landing Page overhaul. We have plans to make the landing page some kind of HUB-Area for the most important pieces of information for all leaderboards.

Thank you very much for reading, and stay tuned for future updates!

CrashTeamRanking Developer

Hello everyone! There have been several updates today, and I’d like to share these with you!

Changelog/Version history

The biggest change you might notice straight away is that from now on, CTRanking has a changelog and a version history! I’ve been digging though our Discord announcements to backtrack the version history to the best of my ability.

From now on, I will post detailed updates on this page directly. A short summary + Link will be posted in the Discord whenever an update is made. Big updates (v1.X.0) will be pinged with @everyone – smaller updates (v1.0.X) will simply be posted without a notification. Some teasers may still appear in #announcements.

This allows me to go more into detail and to offer some further explanations on how things work or how you can access and use them, or to post some images along the text. It also allows me to post a roadmap section with each update, which is very exciting!

You can check the entire update history by clicking on “Updates” in the top left corner. Alternatively, you can also use this link:

A menu item (Info -> Latest update), as well as a version info in the footer gave been added as well.

Default Submission Settings

You now have the option to change your default submission settings! If you’re frequently submitting with the same character, console or class, you can head to your Profile under Settings -> Submissions to change your default settings.

This feature will save you some time if you always play with the same setup, or if you plan to bulk submit times where you’ve used a specific setup.

Accessing the default submission settings


A thorough statistics page has been added to each profile! Search through different stats like submission summaries, character usage and your personal ranking scores for each mode!

Statistics for the rankings for other gamemodes have been added already. We plan on adding the actual rankings for these gamemodes soon (see Roadmap), but we’d like to bring something else first.

Statistics preview

On this page, you can find statistics on your page usage, on your overall performance, on the characters you use, the style you play and the console(s) you use.

Sadly, this page is currently not optimized for the mobile layout due to the huge amount of information it displays. It is still available on mobile devices though, and some adjustments may be made in the future. One idea might be a selector for a single column while in mobile layout. Stay tuned.

If you have good ideas for other statistics that could be added, or would like to give some feedback or suggest some changes, feel free to let us know in our Discord in the #suggestions channel!


And, as usual from now on, a quick glance ahead of what will be added next:

  • The next big update (1.8.0) will be player comparisons. It still is a highly requested feature, and I will do my best to work on this next!
    This feature will likely (as of now) be for Time Trial only. It will compare rankings, as well as every single track (Rank and score).
  • Somewhen after that, in a small update (probably 1.8.1), we will add rankings for the other game modes. The core is done, they only need to be adjusted.
  • The arrival time for the updated tier system is still unknown. We’ll hopefully be able to finish our internal “alpha” soon, and will start a “beta” with specific experts of the community to make sure that all tiers are properly set.

That being said, I’m not exactly sure yet when I will be able to push the next update, but I hope that it’ll be sooner rather than later!

Thank you for reading, and keep your eyes open for updates, haha!

CrashTeamRanking Developer

It is time. You’ve all been waiting for this, so prepare for a long post.


Rankings are finally here! For now, we’ve added 4 of them, with one more certain to come once it’s ready, and maybe more in the future.

Best of all: We’ve added methods so you are always participating in all rankings, even if you not have completed all tracks yet!
However, they often come with big penalties, so make sure to fill out your time sheets!

Rankings are for TT only for now, but will be expanded to the other game modes sooner or later.

Beenox times

We have added all the current dev times as one big profile into our leaderboards!
Their times are out of competition and will not count towards and/or affect any ranking whatsoever.
They will show in their respective spots in each ranking and leaderboard though as if they were part of it, just without any rank associated to them.
It’s just a fun little addition to see how well the Beenox Devs actually perform.


Just a short breakdown of the next planned updates:

  • We’re still working on an updated tier system. Things have been very slow on that front, but we’re picking up the pace again.
  • Next up will be statistics for profile pages. These statistics will include some personal achievements, as well as stats for each ranking on each game mode.
  • Player comparisons. You’ve asked for it, and it’s another feature we’d really like to include for you! This feature might take a little longer though as it’s a bit more complicated.
  • As mentioned, rankings will be expanded to the other game modes as well, but it’s a bit of a lower priority right now.

There’s a lot more on the roadmap, but that’s gonna be it for now. Thank you everyone for your patience. <3

Today we’ve pushed some behind-the-scenes work and minor updates.

Due to some incidents we made it so that you can no longer change your name by yourself. You can ask a mod to do so, however, by sending us a support ticket.

On top of that, we have reworked page URL’s a bit. If you can’t find a page with an old URL any more, try to find it by menuing to it.

Hey there!

Some of you may or may not have noticed it yet, but since we can now keep track of historical times, we have now re-added the times from pre Patch 1.03! Due to some inconsistencies, we’ve made them “valid” until Patch 1.04 (First GP Patch).

Affected tracks are:

  • Roo’s Tubes
  • Tiny Temple
  • Hyper Spaceway
  • Electron Avenue
  • Possibly other tracks that I can’t recall right now

These times will be available now in historical WR searches, as well as your submission histories and the WR Progression page!

We’re coming with another small update: Graphs! (TT only)

Hint: Try to hover over the dots.

These won’t be displayed on mobile due to space issues.

Example of the Hyper Spaceway WR Progression graph

Hey there!

We are coming with a bunch of big updates today!

Now live: WR Progression!

You can now browse through each single track’s World Record History by clicking on the new menu option for each category. You can even filter by Kart Type, Country and Console, just like with your regular leaderboards!

On top of that, each single WR has not just its date noted, but also how long it’s reigned over the other times. Did you know that Shymii has held the WR on Android Alley since almost 6 months now?!

Have fun with this new addition!

PS: There may be a few odd ones or bugs, if you find them, please let us know!

WR Page overhaul

The WR Page got a massive overhaul!

Yes, that’s right! We have filters now, which means…
And not just that, you can filter over Classes, Countries, Consoles and even to specific dates!

All of these come with their own counter on WR’s and beaten WR’s within a certain time frame, all relative to the selected date! Even the duration gets calculated backwards!

This is a huge step for the website – It took almost the whole day, but worth it! Check it out now:

Hey everyone!

It is done! The mobile layout should look a lot more clean now for all tables! You’re welcome, mobile-users!

While we were at it, we also added the Ring Rally Point page. The next feature is something that has been requested many times already, so keep your eyes open!

PS: You can leave some feedback on the mobile layout of the tables in our Discord server in #suggestions if you like.

Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon!

Some of you may not have noticed yet, but there has been a big update to the website: We have a support feature now!

If you want to request changes to or deletion of your submissions, or if you want to delete your account, or have other questions regarding the site, the new support page is your way to go! You can access it under Account -> Support, or by using this link:

Don`t copy text!