NITRO Rules Of Play

Rules of Play:
All players must be able to live stream their attempts. One channel may be chosen to re-stream all the players in one spot for easy viewing.
A kart sticker from 0-9 from the black and white number stickers will be chosen by our tool. Selecting this sticker must be shown live.

We don't feel someone would cheat, but this should help stop pre-recorded runs.
Setting a Goal:
The player setting a Goal may pick a track they like as long as:
You do not pick the track last played on. (twice in a row) This includes the track randomly chosen for SL.
You do not choose a track you have already picked.
You do not pick Retro Track if someone is not on PS4.
You have one attempt to set the best course time you can. If you crash or fall off the track a total of 3 times, your run ends and does not count.
The next player in the turn order gets to set a Goal instead.

We feel this saves players from having to play against an extremely weak Goal.
Challenging a Goal:
If you are challenging a Goal, you have 1 attempt to beat it.
If you encounter a run-ending glitch, the other players can give you a “rebate”. An extra try.
An example of when you could get a rebate would be crashing into a ramp. If you fail to beat the Goal, you receive one Letter in the order:
For games with more than 4 players, it is recomended to instead use:
Spell or and you lose and are eliminated!

How the Game Works:
Deciding Play Order:
Play Order is determined by a one-attempt SL on a random track selected via our NITRO tool (Linked below)
We feel this gives every player a fair chance to get a track they are strong on so everyone has a fair shot at going first.
The players are ordered from Fastest to Slowest lap.
Taking Your Turn:
If you are taking the first turn, set a Goal.
If not, you must do one of 3 things:
-If the player before you beat the Goal or set a new Goal:
-You must beat the Goal.
-If the player before you failed to beat a Goal:
-You must set the Goal.
-If play goes all the way around and you had set the current Goal:
-You must Set the Goal.
Play continues until one player is standing.
Expected play time: About an hour
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