Clan War Table

How to use the CTRNF Clan war table

Click me to get the table.
Click me to get the background image.

First, make sure you are on the 4vs4 tab. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Background and import the background image. Screenshot-758

Write the clan war’s number. (column AB).

Write the name of both clans in the column “Clans” (column AB where it says Clan 1 and Clan 2 in the image above)

Write the name of all players in the column “Players” (column AC, P1 – P9).

When a race ends, look at the left of the 4vs4 tab, you will see a small table: Screenshot-759

Line 2 matches race 1, line 3 matches race 2 … Line 11 matches race 10.

Write the track’s abbreviation in the column “Tracks” (column A). A Tracks’ abbreviations are found in the “Tracks” tab.

Make sure the player count is correct: Player count from “Clan 1” (column B) VS player count from “Clan 2” (column C).
*If you are playing a 3vs3 clan war, edit both columns by replacing “4” with “3”. Same goes for 2vs2 clan wars.

In the event of a penalty, write a negative number in the column D for “Clan 1” or in the column E “Clan 2”.

Write the ranking of each player after every race in the yellow area. Points are calculated automatically.

When the clan war is over and everything has been filled out correctly, just take a screenshot of the whole table using Lightshot and share it in your clan’s thread! Screenshot-757
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