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Why was Pancho's time removed?

I want to be upfront by saying this choice was not made to be “anti shortcut” or to be a “purist” about Time Trials.

We happen to find shortcuts to be a lot of fun, and Pancho’s run is fantastic! So what gives?

There are two reasons we decided not to allow this shortcut.

Firstly: we have no idea what Beenox will patch next. Without a stable leaderboard, healthy competition can’t properly exist, in our opinion. Arguments of “This should/shouldn’t be allowed” don’t matter when it could be patched out anyway.

Secondly: Our website has gained a reputation as a non-shortcut leaderboard and thus what we call STANDARD has become the de facto glitchless ruleset for the game as it stands. At this point allowing any OoB object abuse would probably cause more harm than good.

Hopefully you can understand our reasoning, and we thank you for using the site.

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