Hello everyone!

We’re coming with a big update for the page today.

  • As some of you may have noticed already, we’ve upgraded the built-in profile function. Your profiles should now include much more information, namely a list of your TT/RR times, and a Submission History! You’ll also be provided with a summary for both TT and RR, including the total score, total times and an Average Finish rating (which will unlock once you’ve completed all tracks in one category). We’ll also work on a ranking system soon™
  • All Leaderboards will now link to these player pages. Looking for a specific player? The member page has got your back.
  • Additionally, we’ve reworked the navigation! It should be a lot cleaner and easier to find pages now.
  • Lastly, we’ve decided to take out Cup leaderboards for now. So far there has been one (in numbers: 1) submission to these so far.

We have even more things planned for you, here’s a small insight:

  • We’ll be working on some internal tools next
  • A new category will be joining the ranks soon™ – Estimated arrival: End of next week
  • As mentioned above, a new, additional ranking system will be added, also soon™
  • We will add Score leaderboards for RR and the new category, of course. More sorting options for all leaderboards will be available in the future.

That’s just a slice of the cake we’re baking for you, so stay tuned!

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