Hello people!

There have been quite a few updates today, which we will quickly go through:

Point Pages

Point pages for side modes are live!
Relic Race: https://crashteamranking.com/rrpoints/
STP Trials: https://crashteamranking.com/stppoints/ (It’s currently set to 70 “tracks”, it will be changed to 62 or 60 tracks eventually once we have discussed if DSD should be part of the leaderboard or not)
Look forward to the ranking system coming soon!

Experimental Tier system

Tier system example for Crash Cove

As some of you have seen already, the experimental Tier system is up! Currently it’s only to be found on your own player pages, but it’ll be added to the normal leaderboards as soon as the experimental phase is over!
The numbers change a bit for Relic Races and STP Trials, but those are for a later date. Time Trial is the one to focus on right now.
The idea behind the %-based system is that the tier depends on the current top time, which allows longer tracks to be a bit more leniant.


We have made an important update to our database. If you notice any times missing, please let us know! There shouldn’t be anything missing, but keep your eyes open anyway. You never know…

Please provide feedback in our Discord server under #suggestions – this is highly experimental and it will require lots of number tweaking.

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