Hey there!

We are coming with a bunch of big updates today!

Now live: WR Progression!

You can now browse through each single track’s World Record History by clicking on the new menu option for each category. You can even filter by Kart Type, Country and Console, just like with your regular leaderboards!

On top of that, each single WR has not just its date noted, but also how long it’s reigned over the other times. Did you know that Shymii has held the WR on Android Alley since almost 6 months now?!

Have fun with this new addition!

PS: There may be a few odd ones or bugs, if you find them, please let us know!

WR Page overhaul

The WR Page got a massive overhaul!

Yes, that’s right! We have filters now, which means…
And not just that, you can filter over Classes, Countries, Consoles and even to specific dates!

All of these come with their own counter on WR’s and beaten WR’s within a certain time frame, all relative to the selected date! Even the duration gets calculated backwards!

This is a huge step for the website – It took almost the whole day, but worth it! Check it out now: https://crashteamranking.com/nfrecords/

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