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Hello everyone, it’s been a while…

It took longer than expected, but it’s finally done: Ring Rally is going live!

The submission form is open and ready to go.

And another small update on top of this:
All Leaderboard main pages now have a small image-menu to them! You can find a teaser-image below. You can still search for tracks using the form as you were able to before, but this helps you as a visual aid, especially on mobile devices!

New Leaderboard landing page

Submission pages are updated! You can submit times again.

A small summary of what happened:

  • Internal updates to the page that help us bring out updates (aka new tracks and characters) way faster than before!
  • Tracks and Characters are now alphabetically ordered, which should make it easier to find tracks or characters
  • Some tracks have been taken out from the STP submission form because they did not change. They’ve also been removed from other pages.

Please let us know if there are any errors while submitting times. We will also implement a Ring Rally leaderboard soon, as it’s heavily requested by you guys

Hello people!

There have been quite a few updates today, which we will quickly go through:

Point Pages

Point pages for side modes are live!
Relic Race:
STP Trials: (It’s currently set to 70 “tracks”, it will be changed to 62 or 60 tracks eventually once we have discussed if DSD should be part of the leaderboard or not)
Look forward to the ranking system coming soon!

Experimental Tier system

Tier system example for Crash Cove

As some of you have seen already, the experimental Tier system is up! Currently it’s only to be found on your own player pages, but it’ll be added to the normal leaderboards as soon as the experimental phase is over!
The numbers change a bit for Relic Races and STP Trials, but those are for a later date. Time Trial is the one to focus on right now.
The idea behind the %-based system is that the tier depends on the current top time, which allows longer tracks to be a bit more leniant.


We have made an important update to our database. If you notice any times missing, please let us know! There shouldn’t be anything missing, but keep your eyes open anyway. You never know…

Please provide feedback in our Discord server under #suggestions – this is highly experimental and it will require lots of number tweaking.

Hello everyone!

We’ve finally been able to get some spare time in, which means we now have an official moderation tool for the website! Woo!

The moderation tool will help us to aid you with your submission mistakes. Simply let us know on Discord, and we’ll be able to change them!

It also means that we can finally accept moderators for the page! We will have more information on that shortly on our discord server.

Next steps will be the point pages for Relic Races and STP Trials. After that, We will work on a global ranking system!

Some small updates:

  • Small player pages update to show Style
  • STP also shows on Player Pages now
  • STP WR has been made available.

Good evening/morning/whatever everyone!

Super Turbo Pad category is finally live!

What is STP?
STP is played exactly like the Time Trials STANDARD category but with the Super Turbo Pad cheat activated.
STP is a category intended to push a player’s limit. (and to be a bit silly, let’s be honest)

How do I activate STP?
On the main menu, enter one of the following:
PS4: Hold L1+ R1 and enter: Triangle, Right, Right, Circle, Left
XBO: Hold LB+RB and enter: Y, Right, Right, B, Left
Switch: Hold L+R and enter: X, Right, Right, A, Left
Codes are also listed for each console on the Submission page for your convenience.
They’re grabbed directly off of IGN’s site, so if there’s an error, go yell at IGN.

That’s about it for now, really. Thanks for using the site and there will be more new stuff soon™!

Hello everyone!

We’re coming with a big update for the page today.

  • As some of you may have noticed already, we’ve upgraded the built-in profile function. Your profiles should now include much more information, namely a list of your TT/RR times, and a Submission History! You’ll also be provided with a summary for both TT and RR, including the total score, total times and an Average Finish rating (which will unlock once you’ve completed all tracks in one category). We’ll also work on a ranking system soon™
  • All Leaderboards will now link to these player pages. Looking for a specific player? The member page has got your back.
  • Additionally, we’ve reworked the navigation! It should be a lot cleaner and easier to find pages now.
  • Lastly, we’ve decided to take out Cup leaderboards for now. So far there has been one (in numbers: 1) submission to these so far.

We have even more things planned for you, here’s a small insight:

  • We’ll be working on some internal tools next
  • A new category will be joining the ranks soon™ – Estimated arrival: End of next week
  • As mentioned above, a new, additional ranking system will be added, also soon™
  • We will add Score leaderboards for RR and the new category, of course. More sorting options for all leaderboards will be available in the future.

That’s just a slice of the cake we’re baking for you, so stay tuned!

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