Submission history

2019-12-01Time Trial - LAPPapu's Pyramid26.95 SPD
2019-12-01Time Trial - COURSEPapu's Pyramid1:23.01 SPD
2019-12-01Time Trial - LAPPapu's Pyramid27.25 SPD
2019-12-01Time Trial - COURSEPapu's Pyramid1:23.58 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - LAPDingo Canyon28.66 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - COURSEDingo Canyon1:28.45 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - COURSECrash Cove1:18.77 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - COURSECrash Cove1:28.77 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - COURSECrash Cove1:28.77 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - COURSECrash Cove1:28.77 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - LAPCrash Cove25.22 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - LAPTurbo Track28.99 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - LAPTurbo Track29.99 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:28.49 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - LAPOut of Time35.00 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - COURSEOut of Time1:52.28 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - LAPClockwork Wumpa35.66 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - COURSEClockwork Wumpa1:53.58 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - LAPSewer Speedway34.80 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - COURSESewer Speedway1:46.14 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - LAPPapu's Pyramid27.62 SPD
2019-11-30Time Trial - COURSEPapu's Pyramid1:24.58 SPD
2019-11-14Time Trial - COURSETiger Temple1:27.35 SPD
2019-11-14Time Trial - LAPTiger Temple27.06 SPD
2019-11-13Time Trial - LAPTiger Temple28.12 SPD
2019-11-13Time Trial - COURSETiger Temple1:28.05 SPD
2019-11-13Time Trial - LAPTiger Temple28.32 SPD
2019-11-13Time Trial - COURSETiger Temple1:28.72 SPD
2019-11-10Time Trial - LAPRoo's Tubes24.55 SPD
2019-11-10Time Trial - LAPRoo's Tubes25.55 SPD
2019-11-10Time Trial - COURSERoo's Tubes1:14.97 SPD
2019-11-07Time Trial - LAPTiny Arena57.32 SPD
2019-11-07Time Trial - COURSETiny Arena2:53.67 SPD
2019-11-07Time Trial - LAPTurbo Track29.02 SPD
2019-11-07Time Trial - LAPTiny Arena57.55 SPD
2019-11-06Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:28.62 SPD
2019-11-01Time Trial - LAPTiny Arena57.85 SPD
2019-11-01Time Trial - COURSETiny Arena2:55.24 SPD
2019-10-31Time Trial - LAPTiny Arena57.95 SPD
2019-10-31Time Trial - COURSETiny Arena2:55.50 SPD
2019-10-25Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:28.85 SPD
2019-10-21Time Trial - LAPTiny Arena58.09 SPD
2019-10-21Time Trial - COURSETiny Arena2:56.11 SPD
2019-10-09Time Trial - LAPPolar Pass37.67 SPD
2019-10-09Time Trial - COURSEPolar Pass2:03.35 SPD
2019-10-09Time Trial - COURSECrash Cove1:18.81 SPD
2019-09-28Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:29.02 SPD
2019-09-28Time Trial - LAPElectron Avenue59.92 SPD
2019-09-28Time Trial - COURSEElectron Avenue3:00.91 SPD
2019-09-27STP Trials - LAPBarin Ruins26.09 SPD
2019-09-27STP Trials - COURSEBarin Ruins1:22.41 SPD
2019-09-26Time Trial - LAPSlide Coliseum32.19 SPD
2019-09-26Time Trial - COURSESlide Coliseum1:38.56 SPD
2019-09-26Time Trial - COURSEElectron Avenue3:01.65 SPD
2019-09-21Time Trial - LAPCrash Cove25.25 SPD
2019-09-21Time Trial - LAPAssembly Lane47.14 SPD
2019-09-21Time Trial - COURSEAssembly Lane2:25.44 SPD
2019-09-21Time Trial - LAPN.Gin Labs42.74 SPD
2019-09-21Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:10.76 SPD
2019-09-20Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:29.42 SPD
2019-09-20Time Trial - LAPTurbo Track29.09 SPD
2019-09-19Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:29.55 SPD
2019-09-18Time Trial - LAPTurbo Track29.39 SPD
2019-09-18Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:29.62 SPD
2019-09-17Time Trial - LAPTurbo Track29.59 SPD
2019-09-17Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:30.39 SPD
2019-09-17Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:30.92 SPD
2019-09-17Time Trial - LAPTurbo Track29.82 SPD
2019-09-17Time Trial - LAPTurbo Track29.99 SPD
2019-09-17Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:31.76 SPD
2019-09-17Time Trial - LAPTurbo Track31.09 SPD
2019-09-14Time Trial - LAPHot Air Skyway40.90 SPD
2019-09-14Time Trial - COURSEHot Air Skyway2:08.19 SPD
2019-09-13Time Trial - COURSEHot Air Skyway2:08.79 SPD
2019-09-13Time Trial - LAPHot Air Skyway41.10 SPD
2019-09-11Time Trial - LAPClockwork Wumpa35.70 SPD
2019-09-11Time Trial - COURSEClockwork Wumpa1:53.81 SPD
2019-09-11Time Trial - COURSEClockwork Wumpa1:54.61 SPD
2019-09-10Time Trial - LAPHot Air Skyway41.74 SPD
2019-09-10Time Trial - COURSEHot Air Skyway2:09.83 SPD
2019-09-09Time Trial - LAPTiny Arena58.59 SPD
2019-09-08Time Trial - COURSETiny Arena2:58.71 SPD
2019-09-08Time Trial - LAPTiny Arena59.15 SPD
2019-09-08Time Trial - COURSETiny Arena2:59.88 SPD
2019-09-06Time Trial - LAPAndroid Alley48.74 SPD
2019-09-06Time Trial - COURSEAndroid Alley2:28.41 SPD
2019-09-06Time Trial - COURSECortex Castle1:55.64 SPD
2019-09-06Time Trial - LAPAndroid Alley48.84 SPD
2019-09-05Time Trial - COURSEAndroid Alley2:28.98 SPD
2019-09-04Time Trial - LAPCrash Cove25.35 SPD
2019-09-04Time Trial - COURSECrash Cove1:18.84 SPD
2019-09-03Time Trial - COURSECrash Cove1:19.14 SPD
2019-09-03Time Trial - COURSECrash Cove1:19.38 SPD
2019-09-02Time Trial - COURSECrash Cove1:19.81 SPD
2019-09-01Time Trial - COURSESpyro Circuit2:11.33 SPD
2019-08-28Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:34.79 SPD
2019-08-28Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:36.93 SPD
2019-08-27Time Trial - LAPN.Gin Labs42.87 SPD
2019-08-27Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:10.93 SPD
2019-08-27Time Trial - COURSEInferno Island1:34.52 SPD
2019-08-27Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:11.29 SPD
2019-08-26Time Trial - LAPSlide Coliseum32.33 SPD
2019-08-26Time Trial - COURSESlide Coliseum1:38.83 SPD
2019-08-26Time Trial - LAPSlide Coliseum32.76 SPD
2019-08-26Time Trial - COURSESlide Coliseum1:39.40 SPD
2019-08-26Time Trial - COURSEPolar Pass2:06.22 SPD
2019-08-25Time Trial - COURSESlide Coliseum1:41.70 SPD
2019-08-25Time Trial - LAPN.Gin Labs42.97 SPD
2019-08-25Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:11.46 SPD
2019-08-25Time Trial - COURSETiny Arena3:02.15 SPD
2019-08-25Time Trial - COURSEAndroid Alley2:29.41 SPD
2019-08-24Time Trial - COURSESewer Speedway1:47.67 SPD
2019-08-24Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:11.59 SPD
2019-08-23Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:11.86 SPD
2019-08-15Time Trial - COURSEBlizzard Bluff1:11.73 SPD
2019-08-15Time Trial - COURSEHot Air Skyway2:18.60 SPD
2019-08-15Time Trial - COURSEBlizzard Bluff1:16.77 SPD
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