It is time. You’ve all been waiting for this, so prepare for a long post.


Rankings are finally here! For now, we’ve added 4 of them, with one more certain to come once it’s ready, and maybe more in the future.

Best of all: We’ve added methods so you are always participating in all rankings, even if you not have completed all tracks yet!
However, they often come with big penalties, so make sure to fill out your time sheets!

Rankings are for TT only for now, but will be expanded to the other game modes sooner or later.

Beenox times

We have added all the current dev times as one big profile into our leaderboards!
Their times are out of competition and will not count towards and/or affect any ranking whatsoever.
They will show in their respective spots in each ranking and leaderboard though as if they were part of it, just without any rank associated to them.
It’s just a fun little addition to see how well the Beenox Devs actually perform.


Just a short breakdown of the next planned updates:

  • We’re still working on an updated tier system. Things have been very slow on that front, but we’re picking up the pace again.
  • Next up will be statistics for profile pages. These statistics will include some personal achievements, as well as stats for each ranking on each game mode.
  • Player comparisons. You’ve asked for it, and it’s another feature we’d really like to include for you! This feature might take a little longer though as it’s a bit more complicated.
  • As mentioned, rankings will be expanded to the other game modes as well, but it’s a bit of a lower priority right now.

There’s a lot more on the roadmap, but that’s gonna be it for now. Thank you everyone for your patience. <3

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