Submission history

2020-10-10Ring RallyRoo's Tubes1,069,489
2020-09-13Relic RaceSlide Coliseum31.68
2020-09-10Time Trial - COURSESlide Coliseum1:32.59
2020-08-29Time Trial - COURSEPrehistoric Playground2:14.73
2020-07-12Time Trial - LAPRoo's Tubes23.49
2020-07-12Time Trial - COURSERoo's Tubes1:12.33
2020-07-04Time Trial - LAPSlide Coliseum30.42
2020-07-04Time Trial - LAPN.Gin Labs42.04
2020-07-04Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:08.49
2020-07-04Time Trial - LAPRoo's Tubes23.55
2020-07-04Time Trial - COURSERoo's Tubes1:12.93
2020-06-30Time Trial - COURSESlide Coliseum1:32.75
2020-06-02Time Trial - COURSEMeteor Gorge1:20.38
2020-05-18Time Trial - COURSEBlizzard Bluff1:07.97
2020-05-18Time Trial - LAPBlizzard Bluff21.75
2020-05-18Time Trial - COURSEBlizzard Bluff1:08.00
2020-04-02Time Trial - LAPCrash Cove25.02
2020-04-02Time Trial - COURSECrash Cove1:17.91
2020-03-29Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:08.96
2020-03-28Time Trial - LAPSlide Coliseum30.96
2020-03-28Time Trial - COURSESlide Coliseum1:34.19
2020-03-15Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:09.29
2020-02-28Ring RallyRoo's Tubes769,894
2020-02-26Time Trial - LAPRoo's Tubes24.22
2020-02-26Time Trial - COURSERoo's Tubes1:14.30
2020-02-24Ring RallyDrive-Thru Danger1,708,264
2020-02-22Ring RallyDrive-Thru Danger1,543,230
2020-02-21Ring RallyDrive-Thru Danger1,364,432
2020-02-14Ring RallyTwilight Tour850,130
2020-02-08Time Trial - LAPTwilight Tour39.97
2020-02-06Time Trial - COURSEMegamix Mania2:01.38
2020-01-31Ring RallyPrehistoric Playground940,395
2020-01-30Ring RallyMegamix Mania930,057
2020-01-30Ring RallyDeep Sea Driving1,089,004
2020-01-30Ring RallyGingerbread Joyride1,422,331
2020-01-17Ring RallyOxide Station1,278,183
2020-01-17Ring RallyTiger Temple487,794
2020-01-17Ring RallyClockwork Wumpa1,123,146
2020-01-17Ring RallyN.Gin Labs738,208
2020-01-17Ring RallyHyper Spaceway1,017,684
2020-01-17Ring RallyMegamix Mania920,919
2019-12-09Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:09.69
2019-12-07Time Trial - LAPBlizzard Bluff22.25
2019-12-07Time Trial - COURSEBlizzard Bluff1:08.73
2019-12-05Time Trial - LAPCoco Park24.09
2019-12-05Time Trial - COURSECoco Park1:15.17
2019-11-06Time Trial - LAPCrash Cove25.19
2019-11-06Time Trial - COURSECrash Cove1:18.34
2019-11-05Time Trial - LAPN.Gin Labs42.20
2019-11-05Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:09.99
2019-11-04Time Trial - LAPJungle Boogie23.55
2019-11-04Time Trial - COURSEJungle Boogie1:12.94
2019-11-03Time Trial - LAPOut of Time33.90
2019-11-03Time Trial - COURSEOut of Time1:49.39
2019-11-03Relic RaceRoo's Tubes24.64
2019-11-03Relic RaceCrash Cove19.96
2019-11-03Relic RaceAndroid Alley55.23
2019-11-03Time Trial - LAPBlizzard Bluff22.28
2019-11-03Time Trial - COURSEBlizzard Bluff1:09.30
2019-11-03Time Trial - LAPTiny Temple27.55
2019-11-03Time Trial - COURSETiny Temple1:37.89
2019-11-03Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:10.69
2019-08-26Relic RaceAndroid Alley56.43
2019-08-26Relic RaceBarin Ruins30.25
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