Submission history

2020-08-14Time Trial - LAPMegamix Mania33.36
2020-08-14Time Trial - COURSEMegamix Mania1:47.16
2020-07-30Time Trial - LAPMegamix Mania34.83
2020-07-30Time Trial - COURSEMegamix Mania1:52.24
2020-07-29Time Trial - COURSEMegamix Mania1:56.88
2020-05-28Time Trial - LAPMegamix Mania38.90
2020-05-28Time Trial - COURSEMegamix Mania1:59.58
2020-05-25Time Trial - LAPTiny Arena55.45
2020-05-25Time Trial - COURSETiny Arena2:47.94
2020-05-14Time Trial - LAPDeep Sea Driving30.16
2020-05-14Time Trial - COURSEDeep Sea Driving1:33.79
2020-05-11Time Trial - COURSEMegamix Mania1:59.78
2020-04-30Time Trial - LAPMegamix Mania38.93
2020-04-30Time Trial - COURSEMegamix Mania1:59.91
2020-04-27Time Trial - LAPTurbo Track28.59
2020-04-27Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:27.25
2020-04-27Time Trial - LAPTiny Arena55.72
2020-04-27Time Trial - COURSETiny Arena2:48.44
2020-04-27Time Trial - COURSESlide Coliseum1:33.96
2020-04-27Time Trial - COURSENina's Nightmare1:46.24
2020-04-27Time Trial - LAPMegamix Mania39.03
2020-04-27Time Trial - COURSEMegamix Mania2:00.08
2020-04-27Time Trial - LAPHyper Spaceway32.80
2020-04-27Time Trial - COURSEHyper Spaceway1:45.04
2020-04-27Time Trial - COURSEDeep Sea Driving1:33.92
2020-04-27Time Trial - LAPDeep Sea Driving30.16
2020-04-27Time Trial - COURSEDeep Sea Driving1:33.93
2020-04-27Time Trial - LAPCortex Castle32.43
2020-04-27Time Trial - COURSECortex Castle1:46.44
2020-03-25Time Trial - LAPN.Gin Labs42.31
2020-03-25Time Trial - LAPMegamix Mania39.33
2020-03-25Time Trial - COURSEMegamix Mania2:01.02
2020-03-25Time Trial - COURSEN.Gin Labs2:09.53
2020-03-10Time Trial - LAPThunder Struck33.76
2020-03-10Time Trial - COURSEThunder Struck1:49.07
2020-02-29Time Trial - LAPDrive-Thru Danger33.96
2020-02-29Time Trial - COURSEDrive-Thru Danger1:44.20
2020-02-29Time Trial - LAPDeep Sea Driving30.59
2020-02-29Time Trial - COURSEDeep Sea Driving1:35.29
2020-02-29Time Trial - LAPCortex Castle32.79
2020-02-29Time Trial - COURSECortex Castle1:47.34
2020-02-10Time Trial - LAPCortex Castle32.96
2020-02-10Time Trial - COURSECortex Castle1:47.87
2020-02-10Time Trial - LAPTiny Arena55.88
2020-02-10Time Trial - LAPHyper Spaceway32.86
2020-02-10Time Trial - LAPNina's Nightmare33.86
2020-02-10Time Trial - LAPBlizzard Bluff22.32
2020-02-10Time Trial - LAPDingo Canyon28.26
2020-02-10Time Trial - LAPSlide Coliseum31.46
2020-02-10Time Trial - COURSESlide Coliseum1:36.36
2020-02-10Time Trial - COURSESlide Coliseum1:36.36
2020-02-10Time Trial - COURSEDingo Canyon1:27.79
2020-02-10Time Trial - COURSEBlizzard Bluff1:09.20
2020-02-10Time Trial - COURSENina's NightmareInfo: This submission uses techs from previous patches that were fixed and are no longer possible. It is not in the standard category any more and has been removed from the up-to-date leaderboard. It is still available for historical purposes.1:46.57
2020-02-10Time Trial - COURSEHyper Spaceway1:45.70
2020-02-10Time Trial - COURSETiny Arena2:49.53
2020-01-17Time Trial - LAPMegamix Mania39.77
2020-01-17Time Trial - COURSEMegamix Mania2:02.15
2020-01-15Time Trial - LAPElectron Avenue58.05
2020-01-15Time Trial - COURSEElectron Avenue2:55.67
2019-12-04Time Trial - LAPRetro Stadium29.32
2019-12-04Time Trial - LAPTurbo Track29.42
2019-12-04Time Trial - LAPDeep Sea Driving30.93
2019-12-04Time Trial - LAPTiny Arena56.22
2019-12-04Time Trial - LAPAssembly Lane46.28
2019-12-04Time Trial - COURSEAssembly Lane2:22.71
2019-12-04Time Trial - COURSETiny Arena2:50.37
2019-11-04Time Trial - COURSETiny Arena2:52.07
2019-11-03Time Trial - COURSEDeep Sea Driving1:36.69
2019-11-03Time Trial - COURSETurbo Track1:29.39
2019-11-03Time Trial - COURSERetro Stadium1:29.35
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